Technical description

The studio is painted grey. Type Herbol Zenit LG, Basis 2, similar to RAL 7001.
The usable studio area is about 500 m² big with a usable height of 9m. The size of the secondary rooms is about 100 m². All girders, walls, ceilings, cable ducts etc. are black. The studio has no windows except the roof skylight (140 cm x 140 cm, light-tight) for direct views from the roof (12 m height). A single-post inground lift is situated within the cyclorama cove (2,5 t) with 360° Rotation platform (5.50 m x 2.50 m)

160 qm area provides HGV access. Vehicles are stored and prepared here. The delivery hall offers daylight.

ceiling rail system
Sail 12 m x 6 m with one spot suspension for the ceiling rail system.
Sun in horizontal-axis adjustable suspension for light head up to 5 kW on the ceiling rail system

U-shaped cyclorama cove
Total length: 58 m (24 m + 17 m + 17 m) the upper roundings and overhangs are suitable for walking on. Camera height for vertical shots from the cyclorama cove: 7.60 m up to 9 m depending on the tripod hight.

Click here to get a three-dimensional overview PDF-file (638 kb)

Flash and lighting equipment
ARRI tungsten lightning:
- 2x 5 kW
- 6x 2 kW Studio
- 6x 2 kW Junior
- 11x 1 kW
- 2x 650 W
- 7x 300 W

Bron-Color flash system including seven power packs, 12 flash lights, reflectors
gelatine filters, foils
camera tripods Cambo (3 m)+ Foba (3,60 m)
lighting tripods (no wind up stands)
Dedolights with accessoires
service supply of 95 kVA (one 63 amp, one 32 amp and several 16 A connectors)
10 lightsticks (neontubes)

Internet, DSL, wlan

The entire building is protected through extensive security measures and supervised.

right by the motorway A9 between Nürnberg and Munich motorway exit Lenting/Ingolstadt
distance to Munich airport: 45 minutes
distance to Nürnberg airport: 45 minutes

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